Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Hunt

Twice a week my daughter and I step out into our backyard (which happens to be BLM land) for a hike with "Riley" our obsessive compulsive Bull Terrier. (Its no joke, we rescued Riley when she was nine months old and in her records a vet diagnosed her with OCD! She's better now aside from being a 70lb lap dog and a debilitating addiction to tennis balls.) Its about a ten minute hike to the beach following a series of arroyos to the waterline.

Along the way we often find some beer bottles and broken glass but the real prize of the day is most always at the waters edge. Today we come across a group of empty shotgun shells, most likely from an overzealous quail hunter wiping out a whole covey for sport. Another reminder of humankind's indignant attitude towards nature.

As soon as we arrive at the beach we begin our hunt in earnest and it isn't long before my courier bag is full of broken glass and beer bottles from seasons of party people. Today's mission is not really a complete selfless act of goodwill towards mother earth. Collecting all this glass saves me a considerable amount of money in material and adds a beautiful accent to my product.

Later in my laboratory I begin by removing labels and separating colors into different bins. I only crush as much glass as I need for whatever project I am working on a the time, I feel It gives me greater control over the finished look and originality of each piece.
Stay tuned for more selfless acts of capitalism.